Our Ethos


Have fun with friends and make new ones!


Explore our mini Kendal Town Centre and amazing play zones!


New ways to learn, interact and play!

Something Special For Kendal

We wanted to provide our town with something very special that it currently doesn’t have:

  • A safe and warm place where everyone is welcome at any time of the day (though we do let our staff go home at 6pm!).
  • Somewhere children are free to play and express themselves safely – to explore; to get messy; to learn without even knowing it; to meet existing friends and to make new ones!
  • A meeting place where grown-ups can relax and enjoy a WHOLE cuppa whilst their children are having heaps of fun!

Outside In’s aim is to create a magical experience for children and families that grows and changes over time, and to always be engaging for kids. We have listened (and will continue to listen) to what families and children want and need. We do care if you are having a bad day, about getting it right for you and about giving our visitors an excellent service.

A Family Focus

If you or your family need extra help in any way we will go the extra mile for you. We know about local services and have an information hub on site if you need help finding out what’s available. We do not judge, we do not think we can fix anything for anyone, that isn’t our role, but we do want you to feel like coming here is a great big hug from a really good friend.