Outside In is situated at ground level and has step-free access to the main play area, changing room and toilets.

Both of our disabled toilets are just outside of the main play area through the barrier and are very easily accessible. This means they can be shared publicly without any security concerns for children in the centre. There are also two standard toilet cubicles within the main area.

Changing Places Facilities

Our accessible changing facilities are built to specification standard with trackable hoist, movable basin, full adult-sized changing table, and movable sink. This toilet is publicly shared, it has a dedicated parking place on-site for members of the public wishing to use the facility and is freely available to centre users.


We aim to be as environmentally neutral as possible. To this end:

  • We do not have single-use plastic unless it is absolutely unavoidable and then we commit to recycling all waste wherever possible
  • We make compost from our food waste
  • We source from local producers wherever possible, we carbonate our own drinks on site, and we have a cafe rewards card scheme for people who visit the centre under their own steam or via public transport
  • We hope to obtain our CBEN environment agency Green At Heart Award very soon
  • All food is locally sourced, welfare-friendly and known-source and we try to minimise all of our waste

Sessions with staff and volunteers: Children are always under parental supervision when in the centre but we do offer art and craft workshops, knitting, basic science experiments, and role-play specific activities such as bandaging teddy bears at the vets for example, or learning about different lenses in the optician. Because these activities can be classified as teaching activities, all of our staff and volunteers undergo an advanced DBS check. We don’t set out to do anything other than give children a great fun experience and a very special time, but because of the importance of play in learning, children will be learning constantly during their visit.