We will offer children’s parties. However we cannot officially offer these and a pricing scheme until after Christmas as we need to get up and running fully. However please approach us if you are in real need of a party venue and we will discuss if/how best we can help. We plan that initially all parties will be held between 4 and 6pm unless for preschool children you would like an earlier slot (discuss with us directly). This is until we can assess the best times re other visitors so that our party children can get the most from  their party.

We will have a set fee of £10-12 per head for parties depending on theming. However please know that we do have a referral protocol both for entry and for parties whereby anyone can apply for a contribution only entry or party (please see this protocol here (link to be inserted).

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Get in touch if you're interested in booking your child's birthday party with us in 2020.

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