We are very lucky to have our own chef in charge of the cafe.


We are particularly aware of offering special, fun, healthy but tasty food for children and wherever possible we endeavor to make it as exciting and interesting as possible through its presentation. We are especially excited about Christmas, Halloween, and parties…

Our Food Ethos

Fun and Tasty

Incredible menus packed with tasty, delicious meals, snacks and treats!


Made right here in our kitchen by our amazing chef and the team.

Locally Sourced

We use local ingredients to support Cumbrian businesses and minimise our food's carbon footprint.

We aim to be as environmentally neutral as possible. To this end we do not have single use plastic unless it is absolutely unavoidable and then we commit to recycling all waste wherever possible. We make compost from our food waste. We source from local producers wherever possible, we carbonate our own drinks on site, and we have a cafe rewards card scheme for people who visit the centre under their own steam or public transport. We hope to obtain our CBEN environment agency Green At Heart Award very soon.